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My name is Madame Python. I am a professional BDSM London mistress. Be careful what you wish for!

I am a strict dominatrix and frequently cruel. I’m a natural FemDomme with a true love for my craft. BDSM is my life and my submissives are my playthings.

I truly enjoy being worshipped. A blonde goddess awaiting your servitude. Do not step out of line!

It gives me pleasure to punish and torture my submissives who misbehave during my dominatrix sessions.

I am a very busy Mistress and I’m particular about the submissives who I choose are worthy to visit me. If you would like me to consider taking you as a submissive you can contact me via the booking form.

More about me

I am proudly perverted and decadently deprived. I revel in sessions which are erotically charged where both myself and my submissive become immersed in the BDSM experience.

Tantalizing and tormenting my submissives is a real turn-on. I have you exactly where I want you! Having complete control over another human being and being in total control provides me with a wealth of satisfaction

Knowing that this undeserving human being is in the presence of a true goddess whom deserves to be worshipped and adored.

I am respectful of everyone. Providing they are respectful of me. When you first arrive at my chambers you and I wil


Your safety and ultimately your enjoyment is of paramount importance to me, and consequently my goal as a professional mistress is to take you mentally and emotionally to the edge of your own personal limits and beyond if required, this will always be done in a safe, sane and consensual manner.l sit down and talk about the type of session you expect and what you and I can achieve together.


Although I love nothing more than watching a submissive cry out in pain I will be watching your eyes and your body language to sense the moment where fear turns to panic or pain turns to agony, it is my duty and responsibility as a professional mistress to dial back the intensity of the activity when this happens to allow you to continue with the session and not use the safe word.

I strongly feel that I have failed If a submissive reaches a point where they need to bring a halt to proceedings as a result of pain or discomfort, fortunately this very rarely happens as I make every effort to connect with my submissive on an emotional level, as such I often sense they are about to reach their breaking point before they do.


In the event that the train has already left the station so to speak and we were unable to stop you reaching the point of panic or agony then I will immediately switch to a more sensual approach which may be in the form of a light prolonged touch on some appropriate part of your body for just long enough so that those feelings of panic or agony can drift away to where we can continue with the session, but with less intensity until I am comfortable that you are in the correct headspace.



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