What do you already know about flying a drone?

When I think of a drone that is used to take videos, I think of elegant shots of drones flying over beautiful landscapes.
Maybe, if you were flying between the green trees in what looked like a dense forest and just barely touched the grass at the top.
In the movie, we see a lot of drones maybe following a car as it goes down a lonely road.

How do FPV drones work?

FPV stands for “first-person view.”

So, when a person is flying an FPV drone, it means that the person flying the drone can see what the drone sees.

Traditional drones are different because a pilot controls them from the ground.

With FPV, the drone is controlled from the perspective of the drone itself, not from the perspective of the pilot.

A view from above, if you will.


From most angles, though, FPV and other drones look pretty much the same.

Traditional drones also come with cameras, or if they don’t, the pilot can add them if they want to fly FPV.

On the other hand, if the FPV wants a more normal view, they can turn off the camera.

What matters is what you like.

sexy FPV drone footage

I was invited to the most amazing abandoned factory in Sheffield to film and take pictures for my beautiful

slaves who obey me.

I wanted this photo shoot and video to be pretty hot.
So I picked some risque outfits with sexy underwear and, let’s be honest, my breasts were on display.
I like to be naked in public all the time.
And there aren’t a lot of chances.
But we made it happen for this particular shoot:-)

The factory is in the industrial part of Sheffield. From the equipment that is still there, it looks like it shut down in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

When I was going up and down the stairs, I was terrified because some of the floorboards were missing, and there was a real chance I could have fallen through to the level below.

What we do to make our obedient slaves happy!

Elite Mistress Directory’s John and his brother Richard planned the shoot, and Richard’s idea to use his drone came from John.

Different ways to film FPV

Most of the time, Richard flies his drone around old, abandoned buildings.
But he flies very differently than we did on the day of the shoot.
Most of the time, the drone will fly in and out of windows, around buildings, and flip over.
Zoom quickly around forgotten properties.

Filming a professional BDSM London Mistress with an FPV drown

Richard had to move very carefully.
These drones are very responsive and are controlled by a person on the ground.
This means that the drone will do what you tell it to do every time you touch the controls.
Remember that the drone’s blades are moving quickly and could hurt me a lot if they touched me.

A live virtual sexy encounter with FPV drone

With this type of FPV drone, of course, the pilot wears a pair of goggles that make him feel like he is right there.

It was different to spend time with the virtual version of Richard in the empty factory in Sheffield.
The fact that Richard was flying around me and looking at my almost-naked body really turned me on.

It was fun to twist and move my body so Richard could see every part of it. I can’t wait to do it again.