My interview with London Mistress elite directory

Madame Python, a gorgeous and youthful woman from Southwest London, agreed to an exclusive interview.

I had the amazing pleasure of paying Madame Python a visit in her Putney residence in Southwest London.
She was gracious enough to show me around her workspace and grant me an exclusive interview.

I went to see her lovely flat, which is located in a safe and quiet building.

Her playhouse is within walking distance of Putney Bridge station.
In reality, the subterranean station is only a five-minute walk away.

Her level has a lift and her house has a very private entrance.
That is my view.
Outside, there’s a wonderful spot for some BDSM action.

Initial reactions.

When Madame Python opened the door for me, my first reaction was that she is quite attractive.
When she opened the door to me with a full face of expertly applied makeup, flawless hair, a PVC dress, and high heels, I was completely mesmerised.
I certainly did not anticipate this.
In particular, for an interview.

A submissive seeing her for a professional session must be an amazing joy.
I’m curious to see what else she has in her closet.

Very kind and courteous.
Mistress welcomed me into the lounge and offered me a drink.
We then moved on to her original fascination to being a BDSM.
This is what she said to me:

“The power component of BDSM was undoubtedly my initial draw.
It’s difficult to describe that experience because it varies from person to person.
Each and every individual you are dominating offers you an exciting sense while you are right in the heart of the session.”


The greatest high

“Just two weeks ago, a subordinate came to visit me,” she continues.
He enjoys being constrained.
In fact, restricting my subordinate is something I like doing.
I had recently purchased some new equipment and was eager to put it to use.
He wanted me to confine his wrists high above his head and his feet and ankles tight after he was bound to the door.
He then requested that I choke him.
Of course, being the sadistic bitch that I am, this appealed to me.

The adrenaline rush of holding someone’s life in your hands.
Your hands are tightly wrapped around his neck, knowing that you are assisting this guy in realising his greatest dream while holding his life in your hands.
Of course, I would never intentionally injure somebody, but the sadistic side of me enjoys it tremendously.”

Young, gorgeous, and with a fantastic accent

I’m always curious as to what distinguishes one Mistress from the next.
I asked Madame Python in South West London, “What makes you different?”

“I suppose, unlike previous mistresses, I am younger,” she continues.
I do look after myself.
Keep in shape and attempt to imitate my submissives’ sexiness and beauty.
I feel that the entire fantasy must be flawless.
For submissives, the aesthetic component is extremely significant.”

“Many mistresses in London or the United Kingdom.”
They are, of course.
I am, however, a Romanian.
Specifically, the region from where the devil emerged.
Transylvania, Vladimir the Impaler
My deep sensual accent has received several comments.
This is quite helpful when conversing with my slaves.
My accent is sensuous, seductive, and subtle.
I communicate simply and accurately.
I’d like you to pay attention to what I’m saying.


london Mistress Madame python Professional dominatrix
london Mistress Madame python Professional dominatrix

I adore PVC.

“Could you tell me about your fetish closet?”
“I adore PVC and heels,” I inquired.
Inside PVC clothes, the sensation of my flesh is amazing.
It accentuates all of my lovely curves.
Especially when the material is illuminated.

I enjoy wearing really high shoes.
Of course, in the classic colour of black!
I enjoy being tall and dominant to my slaves.
I am emboldened as I look down on their pitiful bodies, knowing that I have complete authority over them.

Madame Python Southwest London provides the ideal BDSM experience.

“How would you define your perfect session with a submissive?” was the last question I had for Madame Python.

“The perfect session for me would be: having a large sum of money placed into my bank account,” she says.
I’m quite happy about the money.
This is the most effective method to get the most out of your time with Madame Python.”

“I love starting softly and gradually increasing the pressure on the slave.
In my sessions, I am quite turned on.
Between me and my subordinate, there must be an equal power struggle.
When a new customer comes to see me for the first time.
We always sit down and discuss the services my subordinate would like in a session in great detail.
This is the most effective strategy to ensure a successful session.”

“If there is a connection, everything will flow smoothly.”

“It’s really crucial for the submissive males to respond,” I enjoy hearing my slave groan with ecstasy.
It makes me happy to hear them groan with delight.
Also, their body language response.
This is incredible and a major turn on for me.
Also, if they tell me, for example, that I’m doing a fantastic job of fucking them in the arse, that drives me on.”