London Mistress loves her foot fetish slaves

Hello my dear slaves.

It so happens that one of my favourite fetish pastimes is the art of foot fetishism; it’s simply one of those happy coincidences.

This is a requirement that is made by many of my regular obedient slaves, as well as other slaves I have come across, and it seems to be a standard demand.

My observations of male foot fetishists have led me to the conclusion that not all of them define themselves as submissive.

However, the vast majority of people do.

I can understand why people find my very gorgeous feet to be so appealing.

It is always good to hear comments after spending time with my slaves after we have finished our sessions.

Enjoy X

Pay close attention to my feet

Placing oneself under my arches, which are perfectly built, has the potential to produce submission.

You are free to admire my bare body as you look up at me and shower me with love, care, and adoration.

You might start by massaging my thighs and lower legs.

Demonstrate to me that you are aware of my status by giving me a lot of kisses and nibbles.

In appreciation for your thoughtfulness, I could allow you to clean my toenails with your tongue or suck on my toenails as you clean them with your tongue.

Pay careful attention to every detail of my flawless foot, from the toes to the heel and all the way up to the ankle.

In this particular form of worshipping the goddess, the senses of touch, taste, and smell are all put to use. Some submissive slaves enjoy the smell of my wet, sweaty feet after they have been to the gym as a way to humiliate.

Foot slaves who are made to feel embarrassed or degraded by the circumstances at hand may find it difficult to avoid participating in foot worship.

I am a seasoned professional mistress and, in general, perfected the technique of giving her feet an alluring and enticing perfume.

Foot fetish Mistress
Foot fetish Mistress London

Madame Python's take on foot fetish humiliation

This London Mistress may utilise any kind of degrading practises on her servants.

Assaults such as stomping on, kicking and spitting while using their own body as a shield are included.

Foot worship has the potential to be both light and intimate at the same time if it is performed in a humorous or even in a painful way.

Everything is contingent not only on my choices and interests, but also on how I am feeling over the course of the session.

gadgets and accessories for the foot fetish

I have a huge collection of beautiful footwear. Bootis, pumps, platforms, and sandals with peep toes or open toes, amongst other styles.

I am able to capitalise on the fact that most slaves are drawn to pricey leather and high-heeled shoes and boots. I absolutely love it when a slave offers to buy me a new pair of shoes to play in. 

I love it when a drooling slave stops in his tracks to admire me in my strappy heels and thigh-high boots, when this happens,I know I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.

To summarise, in my view, the only place where foot fetishists are permitted to congregate is directly under Madame Python’s feet.

Madame Python X