London Mistress photo and videos at the graveyard

I was at my wonderful Putney chambers on the evening of December 19th.
Looking through my extensive selection of kinky clothing and deciding what to wear for my first outdoor picture session.

My pals John and Daniel from Mistress Elite organised the picture shoot.

I’d been looking forward to this for a long time since they’re both incredibly professional but also a lot of fun to be around.

It’ll be a fantastic day with their very gay sense of humour, sarcastic, and funny jokes.

The following day, I awoke very early

I was prepared to go all out with my concept and theme, so getting dressed and doing my make-up would take a long time.
When it comes to my make-up, there are no shortcuts, especially when it comes to photo shoots.

It needed to be bold and classy.
I was ready in three hours.
Hair, make-up, nails, and boots are all done. Yes boots, they had to be ridiculously shinny.
I was nearly ready after putting on my black corset.
My look was completed by my really long soft leather boots.

Because it was a really chilly December morning, I wore my lovely fur coat.
Of course, fox fur.

Oh, that coat feels amazing on my skin.
I picked a lovely chunky black and silver cane to round off my look.
I’ve never walked with this cane, but I have used it on my sleeves and bottom cheeks.

Outside, Daniel and John were waiting for me.
It was undoubtedly a really chilly December day, and I wasn’t in the best of shape.
Maybe this was a crazy idea, maybe I’d be too chilly to change clothes, but we persisted.
My residence in Putney is not far from Fulham, where West Brompton Cemetery is located, so it was a short car ride.

Only the dead were present at the cemetery, which was devoid of the living.
The dead don’t bother me since they are silent and polite.

It was a little unpleasant at first, but as time passed, I didn’t feel chilly or nervous.

The guys did not disappoint, making me giggle uncontrollably throughout the day.

My dominating character

My greatest issue was matching the lovely hats that Rosie from Hectic Hat Hire had provided us the day before.
I had three fantastic hats on my baggage that I had to coordinate with my clothes.
I was prepared thanks to John’s assistance.
One heart was crimson with large red flowers on top, while the other was black with magnificent black feathers and a black facial net.
One of my favourites is an old gentlemen hat that has been handed down through Jon’s family for centuries.
Because of how ancient the hat was, I believe it deserves its own blog.
Walking around the graveyard dressed sexily made me feel powerful and attractive.

My dominating character can be seen in all three outfits.

Walking around in my leather boots, latex pants, stunning tight corset, fake fur coat, and sexy gentlemen hat gives me an incredible exaggeration I’ve never felt before.

That was a great look for me, and I looked great in it.
I was so preoccupied with myself that I didn’t see the passers by approaching us, halting and forming a large queue. How dare they attempt to see the show for free.T
he photo shoot’s whole concept is centred on life and death.
The old days and the young continue to exist.

The picture depicts a gloomy concept that is also humorous and light on the eye.

In the Misters business, this is also true.
Goodbye to the old mistress and welcome to the new attractive and smart mistresses.
That’s all there is to it.
Madame Python is here to stay, and she’s bringing severe sensuality to the London Mistress scene.

I simply wanted to express my gratitude to Mistress Elite’s Jon and Daniel, as well as the gorgeous Rosie from Hectic Hat Hire.