Photos and videos from the new website of Madam Python

This has been on my mind for some time now: establishing a new website.

The help of John from Mistress Elite.

BDSM dungeon in Angel was chosen as the location for a new picture session and movie with my slaves.

I figured it was about time I revealed a little bit more about myself to my subordinates.


Photographer's Day

I’m a huge fan of exploring different locales.

To meet up with John from Mistress Elite and my slave, I arrived in Angel in the afternoon of my arrival.

BDSM and fetish items are plenty at the Blue Door Dungeon in Angel, which is immaculately clean.

Having my picture taken is something I truly like.

However, even though it was only a photo shoot, I still gave it everything I had.

I styled my hair in a high ponytail and wore some new clothes that I’ve been dying to wear.

To be honest, putting on my make-up was a bit of a learning experience for me.

On the other hand, the final result was stunning.

What's with the name "Madam Python"?

My Mistress name took a lot of deliberation on my part.

It is common for women in the BDSM profession to change their names as they learn more about the field.

Mistress Lory was recently renamed Madame Python.

As a mistress’s name, my new one commands respect.

In reality, my new moniker is a reflection of the fact that my BDSM aesthetic has undergone a significant evolution.

Strong, attractive, seductive, and sensuous are just a few words to describe this woman.


My brand-new website portrays who I am.

An authentic online portrayal of one’s Mistress character is really vital to me.

For my website, I wanted to go with a strong and gorgeous look.

It’s filled with some of my favourite images.

In my BDSM sessions, my visuals perfectly portray my personality.

As a woman, I have a tendency to be both assertive and demanding.

Submissives should admire and reverence me.

The punishment for any servile misbehaviour will be harsh.

In this area, I’ve found my stride.

When it comes to my slaves, I’m a real sadist who enjoys having total authority over them.

Caning and inflicting corporal punishment are two of my favourite things to do.

Madame Python uk dominatrix professional Mistress BDSM Southwest London
Madame Python uk dominatrix professional Mistress BDSM Southwest London

My brand-new website portrays who I am.

Due to my hectic schedule as a Mistress, I require plenty of notice in order to set up a session with a new supplicant.

All new submissives must fill out a form on my website in the bookings area.

As a perfectionist, I can’t be successful with everyone.

The booking form is available if you are thinking about doing so.

Feel free to express yourself anyway you like.

But if you’re lucky, you’ll get a confirmation email from the company.

As a warning, you should know that I will never leave your side.