My interests are diverse. When the mood strikes, I like both scheduled and unstructured play equally. You may see a list of my favourite interests down below. If you have a specific interest that isn’t mentioned, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


£150 for 30 minutes
£200 for 1 hour
£150 for every additional hour
£150 for 45 minute cane and go

corporal punishment

My corporal punishment sessions come in several flavours ranging from light to very serve and in some cases, extreme, where a judicial caning is the only thing that will sufficiently extract a genuine heart fealt apology and a true sense of remorse.

Genuine remorse is a very important aspect of a corporal punishment session, and I will always seek this result, “unless we have agreed otherwise” as it truly brings an element of realism to you punishment.

This is something I suspect you will regret agreeing to during our session as the effects of my more severe implements cause wave after wave of pain to course through your body bringing you to an utter state of desperation as you beg and plead with me for mercy, but yet my resolve remains steadfast.

Rest assured that once it is over you will be glad I pushed you to your limits and a little beyond. Imagine the memories that will find their way to the forefront of your mind as you struggle to sit comfortably over the coming days.

It is not uncommon for a sub to cry, (if they haven’t already) when I finally whisper in their ear “ it’s over” this is simply the adrenaline draining from their body as it is simultaneously replaced with endorphins. during this time I will normally leave the sub restrained for another few minutes to allow them time to focus on and enjoy these feelings and emotions.

My corporal punishment sessions can be customised to accommodate a wide range of needs but to do this effectively, email or text correspondence is essential in order to set clear boundaries and expectations.
Humiliating a sub and toying with his emotions whilst breaking down his barriers feels me with immense joy and satisfaction, I love to watch as my sub is transported into complete servitude mentally and physically.

Generally speaking a humiliation session is all about my amusement, but I do dig deep and attempt to find a tiny amount of generosity to allow my sub to determine some of the proceedings during our time together, hence the importance of your ability to convey your preferences, which should be done via email to save valuable time during our session, this will also give us a chance to discuss and set clear boundaries. ​

I can accommodate everything from sissification to pony rides and most things in between.

Turning a man into a woman is so much fun, from applying an unnecessary amount of makeup to picking just the right dress to make him look ever so beautiful or absolutely ridiculous, and for those subs how behave themselves impeccably I will even allow them to wear my used panties to further degrade you.

Humiliation is such a personal thing that it would take forever to list all of the nuances that can be present in this type of session hence why it is essential that you outline your requirements in as much detail as possible.
Sensory play often combined with sensory deprivation is one of the more pleasurable experiences I offer, I alternate seamlessly between pain and pleasure to provide exquisite sensations across different parts of your body whilst keeping you continuously guessing as to what is coming next.

To further enhance the sensory experience I can remove your primary senses, sight and hearing and secure you in place which will allow you the opportunity to escape mentally and physically whilst focusing on nothing but the sensations that I subject your body to. The anticipation of what will come next and where on your body it will be can hardly be understated. The absence of any sensations can be just as exciting as your mind attempts to guess, will it be pain or pleasure, will it be hot or cold, sharp or soft…. when the sensation finally arrives it will make your body tingle from head to toe.
I have a wide variety of toys to induce a whole host of different sensations.

Pin wheels
Ice and wax
Pegs and clamps
Nothing makes me feel more dominant than when I have a nervous sub strapped down, unable to move, bottom up in the air with his tight little arsehole twitching in fear and anticipation as I casually roll the condom over one of my favourite strap-ons. it’s not unheard of “when I’m feeling particularly cruel” for me to grab the back of my subs head and face fuck him for a while until he starts to choke and as a treat, if the sub hasn’t upset me too much during the session I may even go so far as to coat the strap on in a tasty strawberry lube, but to avoid any confusion this is a treat I reserve for only my most obedient subs.

Recently strap on play has just found its way to the top of my favourite activities list, all down to my latest gadget, technology is truly a wonderful thing. I have a small but powerful cliteral stimulator that has a sensor which responds to speed and pressure. You’ve probably figured out how this works but to avoid any confusion, the harder and faster i fuck your tight little arsehole the closer to orgasm I get.

I just love nothing more to be moaning in pleasure whilst my sub moans in discomfort, but let’s be clear if said moaning starts putting me off whilst I’m really close to cuming, for instance, please mistress it’s too big, mistress you’re going too deep, mistress don’t go so hard, bla bla bla bla, frankly this is intolerable, especially when I’m just about to cum. Although recently I have found that stuffing my already soaking wet panties in to my subs mouth generally stops the moaning in one fail swoop.

I am also happy to discuss the possibility of a session in one or more of the following activities

Adult Babies

Age Play


Ball Busting


Body Worship – Clothed; Not intimate

Breath Play / Breath Control




Dog Training

Domestic Discipline

Domestic Service / Butler & Maid / Chauffeur

Edge Play

Enforced Exercise / Weight Loss / Diet

Face Sitting / Smothering / Ass Worship

Face Slapping / Spitting / Hair Pulling

Feminisation / Maid Training / Sissification

Forced Feminization / Slut Training

Financial Servitude

Food Sploshing


Glove Fetish

Human Furniture

Intelligence Fetish / Psychological Domination

Interrogation Scenarios

Introduction to BDSM for Newbies / Quick Taster

Key Holding & Chastity

Leather Fetish

Latex Rubber Fetish

Leg / Nylon worship

Maid, Sissy, Slut Training

Needle play

Mid-Week / Week-End stayovers


Nail Fetish

Nipple Torture and Tease

Objectification / Corner time

Orgasm Control and Denial

Overnight / Extended Sessions

Pony, Puppy Play

Role Play Scenarios

School Classroom Scenarios

Slave Training / Obedience Training

Smoking Fetish

Shopping Slaves



Take Me Out For Lunch, Dinner or Shopping


Tie & Tease / Tease & Denial / Eye Contact

Trampling / Kicking / Stomping / Dancing

Travel and Trips – National / International

Wax & Candle Play


Unfortunately for you I spend hours in the gym every week so rest assured my ability to deliver extremely painful over the knee spankings is unmatched in the domination world, unsurprisingly my subs often mistake my hand for my large heavy wooden paddle, this is unfortunate because it then doesn’t take much imagination to understand just how painful the spanking will become once I progress to said paddle or even my thick leather tawes.

I normally don’t feel the need to restrict my subs during a spanking session that is unless you insist on using your hands to protect your exposed buttocks. I work with a three strike rule, to put it simply, you won’t be able to protect your buttocks for a fourth time as I will secure your hands behind your back with a collar connector which ensures your hands stay high and out of my way.


CBT is a favourite session type of mine and definitely one where I excel the most, I take great pride in the pain, pleasure and discomfort I can cause to your vulnerable private parts, obviously I have a wide variety of scary looking tools to inflict these sensations, but often revert back to the tiny point of my 4 inch heels to make sure my submissive knows who is calling the shots….

I insist on regular displays of gratitude and appreciation during our CBT sessions and if I don’t hear enough “Thank you Mistress” then that will often signal the time is right to unleash my whip. Just wait to you feel this thing striking the inside of your thighs, nipples or penis.

My whip is also very effective at removing a submissives erection, when one is present but my approval and permission has not been granted.

Remember EVERYTHING requires permission from Mistress Lory when you are in her domain, so should you detect the onset of an erection you better quickly start begging and pleading with me to gain my approval otherwise your erection will be removed, “don’t worry I have a variety of ways to achieve this” and your ridiculous excuse for a penis will be locked in a cage until I deem it appropriate to be released.

For those submissives who continually miss behave during our session or fail to demonstrate the necessary level of gratitude I deem appropriate. I have a special set of weights that can be attached comfortably or uncomfortably to your penis and testicles with varying thicknesses of string or wire. If you can keep your hands to yourself during this process then I am happy to leave you unbound, but should you insist on interfering then I will make you stand in the middle of the room with your hands cuffed behind your back and a leg spreader attached to your ankles, putting you in this predicament gives me full access to your vulnerable manhood and is perfect for me to pull on the weights to control the level of pain you feel.

For those of you who are new to CBT or are nervous of how much you can tolerate I can replace all of the above with just my hands and long perfectly manicured nails. But rest assured this is still not for the faint hearted so relax in the knowledge that your little penis will still be put through its paces.
Restrained in my ankle and wrist cuffs you will experience a true sense of vulnerability and surrender, being Immobilised in this position as I generously smear lubricant between your bottom cheeks will reinforce what submission really means.

Once I have you in this compromised position I like to take my time prior to penetrating your tight little bottom, almost in a ritualistic way.

I love watching the expressions change on my subs face as I show him one by one the different toys that I will insert into his bottom over the course of the next hour. Sometimes I like to explain the sensations that he can expect from each toy and other times I just leave it up to his imagination so he can enjoy the surprise.

Obviously I have your best interests at heart which translates into a short warmup with my gloved fingers. Nothing signifys the commencement of an anal play session like the sound of a mistress standing behind you slowly putting on a rubber glove, the sound of which is unmistakable.

Please ensure that you are COMPLETELY clean down there, failure to do so will bring an immediate end to any further anal play.

I have tips that can assist with this process and will share those with you during our email correspondence.

It is also important to note that I take hygiene and safety very seriously so rest assured that all my toys will be meticulously sterilised and everything will be covered with a condom prior to penetration.
Nothing induces obedience and subservience quite like a remote control E-Stim device inserted into a submissive bottom and his hands secured in front of him, it is as this point that all you have in the world is “hope” ….

Hope that I don’t feel it necessary to ramp up the voltage setting on the remote control, hope that I don’t get trigger happy with that big red button, hope that you can behave yourself to “my standards”

You’ll think as all subs do prior to the first electric shock in their anal passage that you are a tough guy and can take whatever I do to you. Well let me reassure you it only ever takes a mere 3 seconds of my finger holding that button down for your entire perception of how tough you are and who is calling the shots to be turned completely upside down…

Alternatively I can introduce your pathetic little cock to my E-Wand, I have a variety of techniques that I like to employ to achieve this but my favourite is to have your hands cuffed behind your back and legs forced apart with ankle spreader, I’ll then position you up against the wall, this helps you keep your balance as you go weak at the knees from the shock of electricity pulsing through your penis and balls. I will fully install a sense of doom as I grab your face with my clawed finger tips and pull it to within a couple of inches of me so I can look you right in the eyes as I slowly stroke your genitals with my wand. Obviously I will give you the opportunity to beg me not to shock you, sometimes I’ll take pity on my submissives, but most of the time I don’t, for the simple reason that I get so much joy watching the expression change on your face as I finally push the button.

Last but by no means least, just imagine what I can accomplish when I combine a metal chastity cage and the crocodile clamps from my E-Stim kit. I’ll leave how this little fun game plays out completely to your imagination.

As will all of my sessions the intensity can be dialled up or down to accommodate your specific needs hence the importance of communication prior to your appointment, or in person before the session commences.
My (Cane & Go) sessions are typically 45 minutes in duration and I charge £120 for this experience. The shorter session time is simply a reflection of how most submissives struggle to tolerate much more than 30 minutes of sustained caning, paddling, whipping etc, the additional 15 minutes provides well needed time to warm up and warm down before and after the main event.

If your punishment is needed as a way to repent for some unacceptable behaviour on your part then I would be delighted to scold you prior to the commencement of your sentence.

Most of my subs are simply ashamed of the amount they masturbate, and need me to help them curb or significantly reduce this disgusting behaviour. This would truly be my pleasure.

Generally speaking, unless you specify otherwise you will be bound to my bed, spread eagle and at this point the scolding will begin for whatever misbehaviour you have been brave enough to own up to.

I truly believe an effective punishment session is as much about the mental torture as it is about the pain you feel on your exposed bottom.

One of my favourites is to allow my sub five minutes to learn how to count from one to ten in language of my choosing, I will consequently deliver my strokes in sets of ten, but as it is often the case the sub will forget how to say a particular number and I will be forced to start the set from the beginning, over and over again…..

Alternatively just simply varying how I deliver the stokes can be the cause of immense torture, for instance for the first 10 stokes I will rest the cane on your bottom for several seconds so you are fully aware of its presence then as I raise the cane above my head you will know in no uncertain terms that you only have a second maybe two before the cane returns to your bottom with as much force as I can muster, at this point your brain will be aware of the aforementioned pattern and expect this to continue, this is when the fun really begins….
Bondage is rarely a session in its own right but more an additional aspect of another session, I.e. CBT, corporal punishment, humiliation etc. but nevertheless a very important aspect of our time together

Although bondage can be perceived as a punishment and in some cases it truly is, more often than not it is a way I help you submit and relax into our session, if you are unable to move or more importantly stop what is happening you are more likely to accept it and as a consequence find a more comfortable space inside your mind.

It stands to reason that if you are able to physically stop what is happening to you, you will be constantly distracted by this opportunity. Your own thoughts will keep you firmly in the real world. Which is the opposite too what we are trying to achieve.

As with bondage I often gag my subs, sometimes as a punishment, sometimes because I’m fed up listening to their requests for clemency, but more likely, so the sub does not feel the social obligation to make small talk or provide ongoing feedback, again this only serves to put you in the wrong headspace and ultimately ruin our session.

If for any reason you are unable to accept bondage. Then please make that clear for whatever session type it is, don’t just assume that I won’t restrict your movement, because other mistresses haven’t during these activities, I may think it appropriate and will not ask your permission as this would spoil the authenticity of our time together. If this is a problem for you then it is your responsibility to set clear boundaries prior to the commencement of our session.


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